... it's not just an image

A hobby that became a passion.

Hi! I’m Kit, a photographer based in Reading, UK. My photography is a passion, something I enjoy. From capturing those special moments during events to portraits that are frozen moments to be displayed. I’m fascinated by the science of photography, how the atmosphere totally changes a picture and how we often see things very differently to what the lens captures.

I work mainly with families and children, capturing the essence of what it’s like to be a child usually using natural settings and light, but it’s always down to the project and the atmosphere I’m trying to create.


Why me?


I love my photography, even when it’s stressful at times. Taking the image is only half the story in the process of producing the final image.


I love the opportunity to be creative, the process of having a project idea and turning it into reality through to having that raw image and changing it into something others did not see or even may not even have seen in themselves.


Like any good photographer, I understand my camera. What’s required to get that shot, what is optimal and then working within any limitations of the situation. But it’s not just about working with the camera, it’s about working with people as well and you’ll find I’m very easy to work with.