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Delighted to meet you!

Hi I’m Kit!

I’m a photographer based in Reading, Berkshire. I’ve always been drawn to not just nice images, but images that also evoke a response or memory; be that an emotion or having a meaning behind them. It might be a posed portrait or a candid moment capturing the essence of a person or a relationship. I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember in my childhood, having an old Kodak film cartridge camera before getting my first SLR in 1986 in my student years and later going digital when that technology emerged. I also have a background in psychology which does have an influence on my photography.

My best offer....

… me!  What you always get is my time, experience, expertise and most of all my vision.

Portrait of adolescent girl leaning against yellow hull of boat

A note about editing....

Very few images are released without some level of editing. That can be anything from minor adjustments to fully photoshopped, composite images. It depends on the intended image and the fact that the camera rarely captures what ‘I see’ or even what you see. When I see somebody, I’m often surprised at the additional details the camera captures. It’s nothing to do with the ability of the camera, or even the person taking it, its about the psychology of how we see and pay attention to certain details and not others. So the images you get to see are what ‘I see’.