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All things bright and beautiful…
17 October 2020
in Nature, Photography

... and so totally weird!

I love nature and have always had an interest in plants (I still have my Junior Royal Horticultural Society membership cards from when they existed!). Carnivorous plants in particular fascinate me. The way they have evolved to catch insects, the different forms and mechanisms for doing so. And when you watch them grow it is quite amazing. Watching a nepenthes trap slowly grow, swell and eventually pop the lid and then see the peristome that was hiding inside under the lid unfurling. It’s quite something and only really appreciated if you get a chance to watch it happen.

These images are from the trap of a Nepenthes ‘Miranda’. A plant I’ve had for quite a few years now, but only recently found ideal growing conditions in our bathroom, judging by the size of the traps it’s now producing. The challenge was in lighting the trap without removing it.

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