Dragon Eggs!

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Dragon Eggs!
19 September 2020
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I like dragons. And love seeing how children engage in make-believe. This was very much a personal project, taking advantage of an opportunity that arose from a trip to a local play area, Dinton Pastures, with friends.

One of the play parts at Dinton is a wide hollow in the ground with huge wooden eggs and I’ve always wondered what children make of them. Do they belong to some giant bird? crocodiles or perhaps even dragons? So I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to realise imagination, knowing this lass likes to imagine being a warrior.

Before and after...

Editing was a little bit more involved than I bargained for. The problem being that the image was taken on a cold day in December and not originally intended for editing. It was quite time consuming finding limbs in the right position/orientation, and lighting to an extent, to match the original image. Always easier to have a subject posed already wearing the costume 🙂

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