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Sport and dance portraiture is one of those things it’s easier to show than explain. I see it as taking photography of somebody playing a sport or dancing to the next level, producing an image you would be happy to display on a wall or show off in some other way.

Young gymnast in pose midair

It is an artistic style I love doing, both from the challenge it presents to find the ways of showing off the person and their sport or dance at their best or artistic, combined with the technical challenge that goes with it. I have noticed that sometimes it’s not the trickiest move that’s the most artistic or showiest. so you don’t have to be top of your game to have something like this done.

I can also combine with use of powders or water to produce startling effects.

One of the nice things of going around trade-shows is seeing what’s available in the way of presentation methods. Imagine this image of a dancer printed as matt white on black gloss acrylic.

If you have a sport or dance you or your child/ren participate in and would like an artistic image different from the norm to display. Or even know of a team that would like a team photo that’s different. I would love to hear from you.