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I’ve deliberately called my wedding photography services ‘your wedding’ as that’s what it is, it’s ‘your wedding’. Every wedding is unique and it’s unique to you. From what you have planned and wearing, to the location, who is attending, to even the things you cannot change like the weather on the day. All these things will make it your special wedding and I love capturing the uniqueness and individuality of all the weddings I’ve been to, whether they have been small, exclusive and intimate or larger grander affairs.

I am a Reading-based photographer covering Berkshire and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Wiltshire. I combine reportage photography (images of the day as it unfolds with those little hidden and not so hidden moments), with set formal photography of the bride and groom, family and friends as requested – Just remember to set time aside for this as formal photography takes time although I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will help make it go more smoothly. I’m also used to the vagaries that weather, people, etc can throw into the mix.

bride and groom in formal garden
bride and groom against evening sky

When you are thinking about a wedding photographer, you might find my piece on “What to look for in a wedding photographer” useful.

I offer full and half-day photography. However, if you want something shorter like just a few hours or longer covering a couple of days or you also want an engagement shoot or something like a ‘trashing the dress’ shoot (yes it’s a thing). Just ask. The more I get to know you, the better I get at arranging things and creating images you like.

All packages include the digitals of the best images taken (for reference I take on average 1500 images on a full 10 hour wedding day and edit and return a good 50-60% of those). Those images will include any requested like the formal images as well as a good few memories of the day :-). I can include more, but it depends on if you want lots of duplicates that had the strange expressions or where uncle or aunt accidentally photobombed the shot 🙂

I do my best to quickly supply important shots for you to share with friends and family as you wish and aim to make the rest available within 2-3 weeks (Often much shorter). I do not farm out my images to others to edit. Images are edited to make them look their best… colour/lighting corrections minor cropping, sharpening, etc.

Things have moved on and wedding albums are much less prevalent, but if you would like one and/or additions like small handbag versions, bespoke wall art of a particularly nice memorable image, etc. I have sourced some of the best professional companies for doing this and am very happy to advise. Feel free to view the example album to get an idea of layouts that I use and how I set things out so they tell a story.

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