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Play photography
9 August 2021
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… a bit more than just snaps.

I’ve been working with young people for a fair while longer than I’ve actually been practising photography (and that’s more years than I care to remember) – and it is always great when friends’ children come over to play. Sometimes I get a chance to capture some great images. More often or not the images are my kind of ‘snap’. In that even when capturing children at play (for any event for that matter) I do my best to compose and apply my photographic skills to get an atmospheric shot rather than just grab camera, point and shoot. I much prefer these types of images to tell a bit of a story.

Rainy play

I strongly suspect young people like coming here as I’ve done my best to create an atmospheric garden that encourages play and exploration – that and I don’t object to them playing out in the rain :-). It’s definitely a garden with lots of opportunities to encourage imagination and play. Eg wooden fort/play castle with drawbridge, trampoline, stepping stones, rocky stream, hidden paths and giant grasses, not to mention providing a lot of photo opportunities.

The structure and what has been available has rather changed over the years, but one thing has always remained….. fun!

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