Hi, if you have clicked here you either are interested in how I handle any data I have on you or just generally interested in how we handle any personal data and the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR). Part of the requirement of GDPR is to also avoid the use of legalese so there is no confusion about how I use your data.

Personal data I collect

I collect your name so I can associate the photographs I take during a photoshoot from photographs I take of somebody else on another occassion. I also collect your name as it is friendly and politer to call you by name than to keep calling you Sir or Madam. I collect your email address so I can communicate with you and your mobile number so I can call you to talk about the photography, talk to you if there is a problem and sometimes to find you for the photography. I also collect your address so I can send you any hard copies of contracts or any products you have ordered from me, not exclusively limited to products such as USB keys, printed albums, prints or framed pictures. I also take your photographs because that’s what you’ve paid me to do. All of this I require to do my job well.

How I collect and keep your personal data

If you contact me, any personal details you supply are kept on a database with a company which is GDPR compliant. If you choose not to go ahead with an photography enquiry I will delete any details you have given me after 6 months or sooner if you request it. If you contact me through my website, any information you provide via the contact form is sent to my email inbox which is password protected. Emails are not stored on the website and the website is SSL compliant.

Commenting on the blog

I do write the occassional blog post to showcase my work or discuss something of interest. If you comment, whatever you write is public and accessible to anybody, so do not include any information which you do not want to share. I am normally notified of when somebody comments on a blog post and may edit a comment to remove information which I regard a sensitive. If you have left contact details as part of the process of posting a comment, I will let you know if I have edited your comment and why.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and right to be forgotten

I am a very personal company, if you have questions about how I handle your personal data, you can write to me and I will let you know what data I have which is yours (if I still have it) and how it is used. Apart from any photographs I have taken, this data will only be what you told me. If the information is wrong, it is recommended you correct it. You also have the right for all information about you to be deleted, but I would not recommend doing that just before a photoshoot or wedding or I will be unable to find you or even ‘when’ the photoshoot was meant to be.

If you request the right to be forgotten after a photoshoot, I will retain any information I am legally obliged to retain. Any images I have taken will be anonymised. This is to retain proof for copyright purposes that I took those images.

If you have consented to the use of your images to be used by me for publicity either on my website, via facebook, instagram, 500px or other specified media including print and subsequently withdraw that right, I will stop using all images under my direct control. You in turn will be required to stop using any form of those images under your personal control and any permissions previously given for you to use or share them will become null and void.

Use of your data

In summary I will only use any data you share with me for the purposes of running this business. I will not share or sell your contact details with anybody else without your express permission. I will use your email to keep you informed about the photography you have requested and afterwards to let you know about the images and discuss what you would like to do with them and any changes you would like. If we have discussed something ‘off topic’ eg not related to the photography itself I may send you information about or if there happens to be any new discounts that are applicable to you I will let you know. I do not do newsletters and if I start at sometime in the future, you will need to let me know.

If another company or individual asks to your photos, I will contact you. I also sometimes submit the really best images to competitions. Tese would only be for photos you have already given permission for me to use on my website.

Use of images

Until there is a more clarification the use of your photographs is less specific, except for the need to demonstrate reasonable and legitimate use (as I only do anyway). If another company asks to buy an images featuring you, I will contact you. It will not happen without your consent.

I also images to promote my work to run my business. So I do show selected images on my own website, Facebook, instagram, 500px, etc. Although I ask permission to do this as part of the contract, you always have the option to opt out and keep them private and you will always have the option to decide on specific images you would like to keep private.

Images I take are stored securely on a password encrypted NAS drive and also a password protected backup solution. I use a GDPR compliant company to show you the gallery of images I have taken for you to peruse.


With weddings it is your responsibility to ask your guests’ permission for the use of images.including themselves.

GDPR Compliancy

I am and will always be GDPR compliant. If at any point the legislation changes I will change the privacy policy to reflect this.