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Royal Visit
16 August 2020
in Event, Reportage

Back in 2015 I was asked by the Royal Veterinary College to cover the visit of HRH the Duchess of Cornwall’s to the Beaumont Hospital. It was a fantastic experience, but very different to the reportage I am used to.

Before the visit, very few details were given out – including who it was who was actually coming. About as much I knew was what images the RVC wanted. Joining with a few other members of the local and national press we got a pre-tour of the facilities working out what areas would be visited and where we could stand in the cramped spaces. Including arranging that we would be taking turns at some point to take shots through an open door while they talked to various people.

After that, it was just waiting and then the ‘kick-off’ as they arrived and started the relatively rehearsed tour of facilities. At least rehearsed from the staff and press point of view. Near the end, while Her Royal Highness was going around the museum and then talking to others there was a bit more opportunity for free flow.

Did I get to meet her? No. I was press, but it was a great experience.

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