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Themed wedding and surprise images
30 August 2022
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It was my delight to be the photographer at Sade and Lawrence’s wedding at the Mill House Hotel and be part of their day. From photography planning stages they expressed their desire to theme it to the Harry Potter books and it was obvious that they were going to have fun theming their wedding.

Photo of the Harry Potter themed tables including jars of gillyweed. Photo by Kit Logan Photography

I always spend time to look around on the day and capture a flavour of the general atmosphere and the decorations that have been used and it was obvious they had had a lot of fun picking ideas and things from Harry Potter labelled tables, gillyweed jars on the tables to small flying key decors and a sorting hat cake. They had added a lot of delightful little details.

Photo of a sorting hat wedding cake, surrounded by cup cakes. Photo by Kit Logan Photography

They also had a few photo requests and ideas for the day. One of which included use of the toilet block at the back. That wasn’t at issue. You can be as fun as you like when I photograph things.

The fun bit is when there are more people than there are doors to play with. It was obviously going to need to be a bit of a composite image.

Bride and bridesmaids in funny poses outside in a composite image. Photo by Kit Logan Photography

At one of the planning sessions, Sade and Lawrence expressed a wish to have their photo taken beside a river as they loved the atmosphere the overhanging trees created with the water. Unfortunately, although the venue itself is sited on the bank of a river, access to the river was not allowed. Not one to disappoint I had on my scouting mission earlier found a location beside the river outside of the venue and easily reached. Thankfully on the day Sade and Lawrence found an opportunity to join me there as part of the formal photoshoot to get a few lovely images. They thought the location was ‘magical’… and it gave me the idea of making one of their images a bit more magical.

Bride and groom kissing by a small river under the boughs of over hanging trees at night with small lights. Photoshop image by Kit Logan Photography of an image taken during the day

But it did leave me wondering if any other images could be changed towards their Harry Potter theme, so I spent a while creating a composite of them in a Scottish highland glen with a fantasy castle in the background. They love it so much I gather they’re going to get a large print of it to hang on their wall 🙂

Composite image of a bride and groom standing in a Scottish glen with a fantasy castle in background

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